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New inno­va­ti­ve process from WAFO Klaus Wagner GmbH

Internal coating of a conical twin-screw cylinder CM80 using the modified HVOF process with our highly wear-resistant alloy TC-86 (with a tungsten carbide content of 86%). 
The process is suitable for all conical and parallel double cylinders.

  • WAFO Klaus Wagner GmbH

    Die WAFO Klaus Wagner GmbH is a globally active company based in Pirmasens.

    We manufacture and regenerate screws and barrels for the plastics and rubber industry. Our customers are raw material producers, machine manufacturers and processors of all sizes.

    Many of our products are customised solutions that we manufacture to the strictest standards. Our work centres on promoting and maintaining your productivity.

  • WAFO bimetal cylinders for the highest demands

    In co-operation with various technology providers, WAFO has developed a process-controlled bimetal centrifugal system.

  • Absolute world first at WAFO

    WAFO has developed a process for regenerating twin-screw cylinders.

    After regeneration, the cylinders are restored to their original dimensions. The process can be used for all sizes. Both conical and parallel twin barrels can be regenerated.

  • WAFO system technology

    Screw regeneration in just 4 weeks:

    1. Highest quality
    2. Lower prices
    3. Short delivery times
    4. Optimum service