• WAFO - Screws

New produc­tion of screws
Regen­er­a­tion of screws

We manu­fac­ture all sizes of screws for extru­sion and injec­tion moulding.

We work on modern computer-controlled produc­tion centres using the CAD/CAM process.

Screws at a glance

  • Made of tool, nitrid­ing and powder metal­lur­gical steels (CPM)
  • Screw geometry as three-zone to high-perform­ance barrier screw with mixing and shearing part combin­a­tion
  • Web/flank and full armour­ing on PTA welding machines
  • Gas and plasma nitrid­ing, 
  • Vacuum harden­ing, 
  • Plasma powder welding (PTA), 
  • Chrome plating, 
  • PVD coating (TiN), 
  • Elec­trolin­ing, 
  • Thermal spraying
Backflow preventers
  • All known versions in tempered steel, powder and carbide
Screw elements
  • Range of mater­i­als in corro­sion and abrasion-resist­ant versions includ­ing HIP compos­ite material
Screw geometry designs
  • Increased productiv­ity with improved product quality through basic scientific research with univer­sity tech­no­logy centres