• Housing for twin-screw extruder

We supply twin screw housings with wear-resistant inserts

In addition to the appropriate screw elements, WAFO also supplies housings equipped with wear-resistant inserts for twin-screw extruders.

They are available in different versions to match the standard extruder sizes.

If a housing is already fitted with an inner liner, this will be newly manufactured and fitted. We prepare housings without inner liners to accommodate them.

We supply wear-protected twin-screw housings

  • in nitrided steel and long-term gas nitrided or
  • made of HIP composite material, highly wear-resistant.

Inner liners are optionally available

  • in nitrided steel, long-term gas nitrided,
  • in chrome steel, through-hardened or
  • manufactured on a powder metallurgy basis.

To regenerate worn nitrided steel housings, we also offer the option of hardfacing the bore with a material similar to the base material, reworking it and finally nitriding it again. As the welding material has a higher basic hardness and the additional nitriding results in a longer service life than the basic version.