• New produc­tion of cylin­ders

WAFO bimet­al­lic cylin­ders for the highest demands

WAFO has developed a process-controlled bimetal cent­ri­fu­gal system in co-oper­a­tion with various tech­no­logy providers.

By using a tried-and-tested line inductor, a carrier tube is gently heated and then set to a high rota­tional speed in a second stage. This so-called cent­ri­fu­gal spinning causes the hard material alloy to bond homo­gen­eously with the carrier tube in a diffu­sion zone. In conjunc­tion with a soph­ist­ic­ated process tech­no­logy, a low-stress end product is created with uniform prop­er­ties in both the inner cladding and the carrier material.
Bimet­al­lic cylinder
Various cent­ri­fu­gal alloys have been developed in accord­ance with the oper­at­ing and applic­a­tion condi­tions. The carrier mater­i­als were prede­ter­mined with a safety factor of 1.2 in relation to the cylinder strength and the hot yield strength.

Three groups of mater­i­als are avail­able for the armour­ing
WA-5WA-5.5WA-77 WA-880
Abrasion resist­antCorro­sion resist­antCorro­sion and abrasion resist­antHighly resist­ant to abrasion and corro­sion
60-65 HRC (300° C)55 - 58 HRC (300° C)56-63 HRC (300° C)52-58 HRC (300° C)

We manufacture parallel and conical twin-screw barrels in wear-protected design

WAFO specialises in wear-protected barrels for conical twin-screw extruders.
We use a special material that has been found in a large number of tests to manufacture the conical, wear-protected barrels, which are usually divided into three segments. After mechanical processing, we treat the cylinder segments in a diffusion hardening process that is virtually distortion-free.

We have modified this process and the combination of suitable material and heat treatment process with our expertise in such a way that optimum conditions are achieved.

For optimum service life, even with conical twin-screw extruders:
The wear-resistant design from WAFO

This gives you a twin-screw cylinder that achieves around twice the service life of a nitrided cylinder, but costs only 15 to 20 per cent more. This means that cost-effectiveness is no longer a question at the time of purchase.

An additional advantage is the extended service life. With the wear-protected barrel, you can operate your extruder at nominal output for longer without any wear-related loss of throughput. This reduces your production costs and improves your competitiveness.

We can also manufacture parallel twin-screw barrels with highly wear-resistant twin bushes made from our tried-and-tested bimetal. We have the right bimetal in our portfolio for every special application.